Musique-Montagne 2017

Summer choral workshop

The 25th summer choral workshop Musique Montagne will be held from Saturday afternoon 22 July to Saturday morning 5 August 2017 at Les Diablerets (Switzerland). It is open to singers of all levels. Every participant will be expected to be familiar with the scores of the works. Working CD's are available.

Messa da Requiem, Giuseppe Verdi

pour choeur, 4 solistes, piano, contrebasse, cor et percussions


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This piece will be performed at the 3 concerts at the end of the workshop

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Musique-Montagne is 2/3 music and 1/3 mountain. In addition to the singing, the program includes 4 "1 day " hiking tours in the beautiful Les Diablerets region, led by experienced guides. On each excursion participants will be able to choose between 5 different degrees of difficulty

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Accomodation : rooms have been reserved in the chalets  "La Casquette du Culan",  as well as the Hotel "Les Sources" and "Eurotel Victoria". Participants can also stay at a hotel, in a private home or in any other place of their choice (information obtainable from the Tourist Information Office of Les Diablerets +41 (0)24 492 00,

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Language : the official language of the workshop is French. Music however is international and we welcome participants from every country.

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please contact the organizers

Administration  : Pauline Dumuid,

Music : Christophe Gesseney:


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